General Overview Materials

Common Core Standards: Overview PowerPoint Presentation

This is a very general overview of the Common Core State Standards. You can view this as a regular PowerPoint but know that there are trainer notes provided as well. In order to view those once in PowerPoint go to View, and select notes.

You can add background to these and your district name if you'd like to customize your presentation. This presentation will provide your audience with the history behind the development of these new standards. This could be used with your school board or teachers.


California's Common Core Standards Parent Handbook

A tool to become familiar with is the K-8 California's Common Core Standards Parent Handbook. This handbook will be useful to share with PTA members to build an awareness of why Common Core State Standards were developed and what they emphasize. The video will give more detail about the handbook.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Common Core Standards

These questions provide answers to general questions about the Common Core Standards.

They are organized into 7 categories:

  • Background: National Initiative
  • Background: California Common Core Standards
  • Frameworks and Instructional Materials
  • Assessment
  • California Common Core Standards for Mathematics
  • California Common Core Standards for English Language Arts
  • Resources